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Apex Masonry Inc.


Message to Homeowners:

Today’s economy is not what it was just a couple of years ago.  There is uncertainty in many investments including the stock market.  Although real estate prices have come down recently, the home remains the number one investment for most people and the cornerstone of the American dream. Home improvements such as the addition of masonry still add value, beauty, and comfort for homeowners and their families.  Interest rates remain at historically low levels both for home purchase or refinance and using such money to improve the residence is an investment that brings immediate satisfaction as well as long term appreciation.

Few improvements to the home surpass the immediate visual impact and curb appeal of quality masonry products professionally installed. Whether you prefer the look of stone, brick, or even modular concrete units, the seemingly endless varieties of colors, shapes, and textures will renew your home, boost ones pride of ownership, and add significant economic value to ones treasured investment.

With our hot climate here in the Central Valley most wood exteriors are very high maintenance with cracking, shrinking, and regular repainting.  Stucco exteriors are more practical but often quite plain.  Adding attractive masonry products will enhance the look of the stucco exterior and eliminate the upkeep of wood permanently.  Once masonry products are professionally installed, there is zero maintenance. Sit in the shade, enjoy the mint julep, and watch the tomatoes grow. 

Not sure what you want to do? Can't decide on the kind of look or product that you need? Let our many years of experience assist you to make the right choices. Our estimates are free and we can provide you with the guidance you may need. The cost of improving your home may be cheaper than you think.

Within this site you will find pictures of completed projects as well as masonry links that may assist you in defining the right masonry concept for your undertaking. Listed below are general categories of masonry application


"Everything In Masonry"

Professional and artistic applications of natural stone, manufactured stone, brick, slate, and block, including but not limited to:

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